New infos about Bookings & Logistics

After a lot of time working alone on my projects and having support from other agencies such as Water Republic and 2Soul Agency, I’ve reached a point were the studio hours needed to be more focused. So I made the decision to hire a professional and my right arm in everything that has to do with bookings, marketing, sales, logistics and communication between agencies, both in Brazil and world wide.

In addition to having a friendship for many years, being a person that is friendly to everyone and easy to work, Stephen Federolf (Dj Deutsch) has this professional ability that will help me. Well known in the Brazilian and international trance scene, he worked for more than 5 years with the biggest agencies of the market and the most famous projects nowadays. Also part of the casting of Rizoma Records.

Investing to reach my dreams!!
Pragmatix, Heterogenesis and Men2Deep coming with lots of news!!

Stephen Federolf
📱+55 11 9758-17780
🇧🇷 Brasil & Earth

Leitmotiv EP is Out Now!

Leitmotiv EP released by my friends from France is now available at Beatport

01. Boom – 142 bpm

02. Leitmotiv – 142 bpm

VA – Jungala is out now!

My friend Calvin, Jungala´s Organizer and also Label manager from Psynopticz, just released the compilation of the Jungala 2016


New release just out now!

The compilation of my friend Pin, label manager from mosaico, just released a compilation called “Cosmosaico” and contains one track of Pragmatix called “Expression” among another killers artists

Pragmatix & Groovebox – Our World EP

My 2nd EP together with my partner Tulio aka “Groovebox” is just released by our japanese family Grasshopper Recs, hope you like it !



The live set at Boom Festival is now ONLINE!

The officual soundcloud of Boom Festival just released the live i played there on 2016, is available now!

and also u can download for free on my Souncloud too


New release is available worldwide

The compilation “Creationz” is out now! and contain one track of pragmatix called “Samadhi” among another killers artists too

Pespective EP is out now!


Perspective EP with 2 massive tracks

01. Vanishing Point

02. Perspective

Video playing at Boom Festival

Confirmed @ Boom Festival


South Africa for the first time!

941169_10153600844033731_940602864139600209_nOn the April 30th in South Africa, Cape Town, Im going to play at the massive Jungala Festival , for the first time 🙂

New EP: Space Exploration

The new EP called “Space Exploration” is done, and is going to be release by Profound Record from India on November 30th


Europe Summer Tour 2015

The return to the land of the rising sun

After the trip to Australia, Pragmatix is going straight to japan for play in the city of Tokio for the Wing Makers crew. this is going to be a proper gathering in the middle of the futuristic city.


Confirmed Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia

Second round international act announcements are out and once again we’ve aimed to programme a top notch, diverse musical journey for you over the Australia Day weekend! With some massive first timers mixed alongside some talented Rainbow favourites we’re confident we have something for even the most discerning ears!

Rainbow Line Up so far….

Rainbow Serpent Festival Website


Out Now @ Nano Records


Including most awesome vibes from the finest funkadelic groove masters from all around the globe:Aphid Moon / Audioform / AudioUnit / Black Noise /Broken Toy / Chromatone / CYLON / Dick Trevor (aka Dickster) / Earthling / Earthspace / Groove Addict /Hypnoise / ILAI-(OFFICIAL) / Ital / DJ Lucas / Martian Arts/Disco Hooligan / Master Blasters / Mechanimal /Pragmatix / Random / Shekinah Live / TRON / Virtual Light

You can tune in for all the previews here as the vibes are unfolding…>>

Mastered by the master: Ido Domestic

Artwork by the amazing Aumega-ॐega- (होश में ब्रह्मांड)

Release Date: 9 September 2014

New EP coming soon!

The New Pragmatix – “Mistikalien” EP is going to be release worldwide soon!!!
Containing 2 tracks, highly psychedelic/groovie for the European festivals season that is coming.


01. After Earth

02. Alien Love

Art Design: Roque Logozzo
Audio Mastering:  Homegrown Audio Mastering


Japan Tour was amazing!

Just back after a lots of hours flying. Nothing to say about the japan tour, was totally outer space! the scene trance there is so powerful dancer :). Respect! Thanks to the Crews who make it possible.

ageHa Club (Tokyo, Japan)

ageHa Club (Tokyo, Japan)


Hentai Menzore (Okinawa)








Hentai Menzore (Okinawa, Japan)

Hentai Menzore (Okinawa, Japan)

Hentai Menzore (Okinawa, Japan)

Hentai Menzore (Okinawa, Japan)








Green Magic (Yamanashi, Japan)

Green Magic (Yamanashi, Japan)

Green Magic (Yamanashi, Japan)

Green Magic (Yamanashi, Japan) 

Next Saturday in Green Magic Japan !

Next Saturday Pragmatix is going to present at the Green Magic party for the first time, the location will be in Yamanashi 

Back again to the

Going back to the neighboring country Chile next month, for play at Monte Mapu Festival , in the state of Santiago.

It´s going to be a blast like the last editions

New release upcoming !

Here is a preview of the new upcoming release for summer time ….stay tuned @


Another Track just released by Rizoma

Here it comes with a new release by Rizoma, its an EP called “Spaces Frequencies” wich contains 3 tracks and the first its a bomb from pragmatix at 140 bpm ….peferct for groove the dancefloorsCan find this EP on the digital stores like: Beatport, Itunes, Amazon,


Next Saturday is time to go back to Florianopolis

The Life Festival Brasil is going for the first edition in South America, and the chosen place is Florianopolis Brasil,



Next Saturday Pragmatix @ Recife

In the next weekend, pragmatix is going back to the city of recife for blast again the tropical beaches….hope to see you all there!


Next weekend with 2 presentations

On the tour around Brasil in the next saturday Pragmatix is going to play in Sao Paulo at Earthdance Sao Paulo Party and on sunday in the state of Brasilia @ Astral Connection Party


“The Invisible Object” Debut Album is out Now!

A fter nearly 10 years of work in the studio producing music and releasing tracks on various compilations and one EP. The album has arrived. Contains 11 tracks ranging from 140-145 bpm There are some hybrids between a progressive trance and psychedelic trance. Pragmatix takes the listeners on a deep journey through his epic melodies, tribal rhythms, solid beats and deep basslines. This album is dedicated to all the music lovers out there! for buy it click on the next link of


Cd Cd-Out-Back


Europe Summer Tour 2013 !

Pragmatix, Heterogenesis and Cosmos Vibration are going to be in Europe this summer 2013 doing a tour over there, promoting new fresh material that going to be release by their own label Rizoma Records .