Men II Deep

Men 2 Deep - UP#10 (13)

Men 2 Deep, by Rica Amaral & Pragmatix (AR). Produced by electronic music icon whose Rica Amaral release blends the history of Psy scene in Brazil and renowned Argentine producer Pragmatix. Conceptual and seeking the true roots of Psychedelic Trance, Men 2 Deep Live!, Is the essence of good music. For over two years the artists began developing timbres and studying the roots of music to produce live.
The Universo Paralello Festival 2010 staged the debut of new live. Reviewed and soon became a reference in the acclaimed electronic music. Festivals and parties like Spirit of London, Tracendence, Respect, have already made reservations for dates. Men 2 Deep  carries the weight of career Rica Amaral. Artist famous for his sound out of the scene that exceeded the limits of e-music to become a reference in the major media. It was the first artist to play in an edition of Big Brother Brasil, his career has been told in Fantastic news program among other television programs. The second name of the Live act is one of the headliners of the scene in Argentina. Dj and producer Pragmatix has released dozens of tracks since 2005.