New infos about Bookings & Logistics

After a lot of time working alone on my projects and having support from other agencies such as Water Republic and 2Soul Agency, I’ve reached a point were the studio hours needed to be more focused. So I made the decision to hire a professional and my right arm in everything that has to do with bookings, marketing, sales, logistics and communication between agencies, both in Brazil and world wide.

In addition to having a friendship for many years, being a person that is friendly to everyone and easy to work, Stephen Federolf (Dj Deutsch) has this professional ability that will help me. Well known in the Brazilian and international trance scene, he worked for more than 5 years with the biggest agencies of the market and the most famous projects nowadays. Also part of the casting of Rizoma Records.

Investing to reach my dreams!!
Pragmatix, Heterogenesis and Men2Deep coming with lots of news!!

Stephen Federolf
📱+55 11 9758-17780
🇧🇷 Brasil & Earth