Hetero Earthdance

Heterogenesis is the combination of Japo and Ale , two of the best artists on the bright side of the psytrance scene in Argentina.

Japo aka Pragmatix has already surprised the world with his promo album called Inevitablemente Mistico released on 2005 as well as releases in Dark Prisma, Geomagneticand Headroom, playing in several parties around Argentina delighting dancers with his melodies , and now he’s working on his first full album under rizoma records label.

Ale , Cosmos Vibrations has released tracks on Dark Prisma and Trasition Records, his first album was realeased under the label ovnimoon records , and he’s second album was realesed under rizoma records

Heterogenesis was created to explore the morning experience of psychedelic trance, combining gentle grooves with insightful melodies taking the listener to a pleasent trip to other dimensions designed to awaken a revolution inside us.

Their album Revoluciones Maquinicas, was released on May, 2007, by Dark Prisma Records.
And their second album its out now , under rizoma , called Awakening to reality This work was done with the intention of unveiling the power of art as a spiritual and revolutionary path, bringing a fresh approach to the morning times. Combining their ideas and influences they have created a delightful psychedelic trip, filled with heavenly melodies, alien percussions and groovy basslines, discovering beauty in other worlds and bringing it back for all of us to enjoy.

Currently they have been playing in several outdoors and indoors parties in Buenos Aires and South America , Europe , sharing cabines with artists like KoxBox, Zen Mechanics, Tristan, The First Stone, Headroom, Protoculture to mention a few…. Also played in the most important festivals in South America like and europe: Universo Paralello(brasil), 303 festival (brazil) Trancendence(brasil), Festival Fora do Tempo(brasil), Monte Mapu (chile), MoonFlower(arg) , Spirit Base festival(hungary) halkidiki (Greece) Tundra fest , Somuna festival (swiss).